Personal Training For Professionals Who Want To Lose Fat And Get Healthy

Personal Fitness Training And Coaching

I Can Show You How To Lose Fat In Less Time

Hi there. I’m Noelle and I am a personal trainer and fitness coach who shows busy career professionals how to lose fat in less time without strict diets and long workouts. Are you a busy professional  who is finally ready to stop the diet cycle, lose 20 pounds or just needs fitness and nutrition advice and guidance? Then you have come to the right place!

The Difference Between A Personal Trainer And A Fitness Coach

A Personal Trainer usually specializes in one subject to get a defined result such as fat loss, building muscle, injury management, athletes, etc 

A Fitness Coach is able to work with a variety of different fitness goals and populations effectively and easily

A Personal Trainer will count your reps and be a chat buddy. Very good Personal Trainers will also educate and inspire. They will also tell you everything about what you’re doing such as what muscles you’re working and why

A Fitness Coach is able to convey important and relevant information as the focus is not on chit chat and counting your reps for you. The experience and expertise will be greatly demonstrated and will be on a daily basis

You will probably  talk with your Personal Trainer 2-3 times a week maybe less to discuss your fitness goals and how you are feeling and progressing with your program

You will talk with your Fitness Coach daily albeit minimally because you will focus on your fitness goals only. 


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A Little Bit About Me

I live in Southwestern Ontario and have been a Personal Trainer for a very long time! I have helped people lose fat, gain muscle and recover from injuries and weaknesses. This has been done both inside a Gym and outside. For the bulk of my career I have been independently training people at their homes and in mine as well. At this stage of my career I would like to help you become independent and self motivating in regards to your fitness. 

I will look over your current fitness program or simply create one for you and offer you my expertise, guidance and motivation. My mission is for you to get a sense that someone supports you as well as teaches you to incorporate fitness into your daily life. I want to show you that fitness and health is forever. If this sounds good to you, then hit the contact me button below. 

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