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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

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I live in Kitchener Ontario Canada and today I am going to offer up some information and a review of the 3 top local gyms in this area. 

The first gym I ever went to in Kitchener was LA Fitness and it was a pretty good gym but I felt the tension in the air when I went there. I couldn’t pinpoint why I felt this way. The people who worked there seemed miserable to me and so as a result I quit that gym pretty early on. This is the reason I won’t be reviewing that gym or talking extensively about it but I wanted to be upfront and say this was the first gym I ever went to when I moved here in 2009.

The 3 local gyms I will be discussing are: Anytime Fitness, Goodlife Fitness and Planet Fitness. To preface this I won’t be slamming any of these companies and this is my opinion only. I am going to point out the positives and negatives of each gym.


The first gym I will discuss is Anytime Fitness. I attended this gym for two years. Anytime is a very small no frills gym. You are not going to get classes here or towel service. There are no water fountains and no lockers to be found. There is also a limited amount of equipment and thus is the reason I only stayed there for 2 years and in actuality I didn’t go the last nine months of my membership.

The people that work here are super nice and I certainly didn’t feel any tension or any feeling that anyone was not happy to be there. The staff were just as nice to you after the sale as they were during the sale. I mention this because in most gyms the staff(salesperson) is super nice to you when getting your money but afterwards not so much. This isn’t the case with Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness is great if you are a beginner gym goer. You as a beginner will love how comfortable and non intimidating the gym feels. But as you gain more experience you will need to move on to a larger gym.


The next gym I will discuss is Planet Fitness which is my least liked gym. I joined Planet Fitness because my daughter wanted to start going to the gym and I wasn’t sure she would stick with it and well Planet Fitness is cheap. It costs a mere twenty dollars for both of us to go. In contrast Anytime Fitness was fifty dollars a month for me to go, also wanted to mention she wasn’t permitted to go to Anytime Fitness until she’s 18.

Back to my review of Planet Fitness, it’s a good gym if you like cardio. It has many cardio machines. It is also considered a no frills gym but has a bit more to offer such as massage chairs and tanning included in the membership and lockers. I find Planet Fitness a little bit unusual as it has Pizza night and candy at the front desk for people to take on their way out. They also have a very small area for people to strength train. I also feel that it is discouraged to weight train and if you drop weights or make any noise, a lunk alarm will go off. It is almost like they don’t really want anyone to get fit and healthy. There are many negative reviews and comments regarding this very issue. The positive to this gym though is it is beginner friendly, cheap and has may cardio machines and the machines are always available.


The last gym I want to talk about is my current full time gym I go to. This is the best gym out of all three as it has classes, lockers, change rooms, towel service and extensive cardio and weight room. Feel free to grunt and drop your weights here as there is no judgement at this gym. Most of everyone who attends this gym are serious about their goals and there is more than enough support and help from the staff and personal trainers to help you achieve whatever fitness goal you have in mind. What’s this gym I speak of? Well I can give you a guess. It has the monopoly on fitness gyms and centres. It’s Goodlife Fitness clubs. It is by far my favourite gym in the city as the staff is friendly and there are locker rooms(really nice ones) and various classes, machines and free weights. This is a great gym if you are ready for more. To take your fitness to the next level and not be bored.

And there you have it, my reviews of 3 top gyms in the city of Kitchener Ontario. I’m interested to know what gym you like and go to. Comment below and let me know!

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