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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

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While you are at your desk you can get up and do ten ass to grass squats. You can do this several times throughout the day. Not only does this strengthen your legs and butt but it also improves mobility and posture. It also burns fat, if that’s what you are interested in. This will also give you extra energy to get things done at the office.


Another exercise you can do that burns lots of fat and works many muscle groups at the same time is Pushups. I don’t mean for you to get on the floor, although you can do that if room allows and you won’t get stared at too much. This is entirely up to you but I was meaning Pushups off the end or the front of your desk. Do 20 or 30 of these and this doesn’t look too conspicuous. This another exercise you can do many times throughout the day.


Tricep Dips are good for guess what? Your triceps! This is a group of small muscles on the back of your arm. This exercise will help strengthen them which will help you lift heavy things in and out of the office or if you are carrying bags of office supplies. You can do this off the edge of a chair if it doesn’t move around too much or again off the edge of your desk.


These are excellent for hip mobility and strengthening your hips and hamstrings. This might even prevent stiffness in your back and hips from sitting too long. You can do this on the edge of your desk or the back of your chair. As you stand hold on to either one and extend you leg back and then to the side. Do this for both legs! Repeat about 20 times each. You will feel so great after doing this and you will get stronger and burn some fat in the process!


With this exercise we are working the core. This is super important when you are sitting all day. Your core gets tight and your spine specifically hip flexors shorten. There is also compression on your spinal discs which decrease their ability to protect your spine. So getting up and doing some reverse crunches are a great way to combat this problem. Just sit on the edge of your chair, hold onto the edges and move your legs straight out and then bend them back in towards your stomach and repeat. Do this 10-20 times. You should feel this the most in the lower portion of your abs.


Get up off your chair and start doing Jacks. You can do this anywhere. In fact you can do just about any kind of upright jumping exercise. I suggest taking your heels off if you have them! Yes I STRONGLY suggest that. That is an injury waiting to happen. So take off your shoes and do 4 Ski Jumps and then 4 Cross jumping Jacks and repeat 20 times. This will get your heart rate up and give you tons of energy to get you through for the rest of the day. Also this burns calories and fat!

So there you have it! These are 6 exercises you can do at your desk at work in the office. No more excuses! It is especially imperative that if you have a job where you sit down all day to exercise daily. Sitting is bad for you. We as humans should not be sitting all day. It is bad for our posture, our joints, muscles and it leads to weight gain. So get up and exercise while you’re working. You will feel better afterwards. I promise!

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