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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

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Let’s talk about people who reach their fitness goals. Not only do they reach them but they maintain their new level of fitness after they have reached their fitness goal. How did they get there? What is their secret? How do they stay away from junk food after they have lost the weight? How do they maintain their muscle mass after gaining muscle? There are daily habits all of these people practice in order to ensure that they stay lean and mean. 


1.They get up early in the morning and they don’t sleep in! In general this is a habit that most adopt in part because they know if they workout first thing in the morning they will have no chance of being convinced by their brain to skip the workout because it has been done already. The other reason they get up early to do their workout is because they know it will give them extra energy for the day and will also allow for better sleep that night.


2.They have regular meals. This can mean different things to different people but what it means is these people do not “forget to eat”. Or claim they have no time to eat or come up with excuses as to why they went through the drive in to get burgers instead of eating at their regular time with food that they made at home and food that is healthy.


3.They go to bed at a reasonable time. They generally don’t stay up late and go to bed at roughly the same time every night including weekends. They know that sleep is very important and is crucial to get enough hours of sleep through the night so they can get up early the next morning to workout. Plus sleep is a main component for fitness goal success. It is just as important as food and exercise.


4.They don’t drink alcohol. They don’t booze it up on Friday nights. They have their health to think about and getting plastered or drunk on the weekends is not a priority. Their priorities are maintaining a current level of fitness or if they are on a fitness journey, the priority is getting to their fitness goals. Drinking gets in the way of their goals and their goals are number one. Not alcohol.


5. They focus on non intentional exercise as well as intentional. What am I talking about? When you go to the gym or a boot camp or your personal training sessions that is called intentional exercise. You are doing this exercise intentionally to get results and help you reach your fitness goals. Non intentional exercise is taking your dog for a walk, walking to the store instead of driving and parking further away from the store so it forces you to walk more. All of these exercises will help you maintain and even help you reach your fitness goals. The highly successful people know this already and practice this everyday.


6. They drink at least 2 Litres of water everyday. Water is super important as it helps you stay hydrated and staves off hunger. Many times people will think they are hungry when in fact they are actually thirsty. Water also helps you de-bloat and prevent bloating altogether. People who are successful with their fitness goals know this and they make sure to drink at least 2 Litres if not more.


7. They make most of their meals comprised of vegetables. Look I don’t really like vegetables either. But I eat them anyway because I know they are good for me and I also know they are low in calories and high in volume and have the ability to make you very full. So you feel extremely full but you have had less calories than if you had pasta and bread for dinner. Not that there’s anything wrong with pasta or bread but it shouldn’t make up the bulk of your meals. Vegetables should though.


8. Lastly they think positively about life in general. They don’t come up with excuses. They envision their goals and do everything they can to make sure they don’t go back to being the way they were before whether that’s being too skinny, overweight or generally unhealthy with no energy. They keep this in the forefront of their minds. They know they will never go back to living an unhealthy lifestyle and they do this with a positive mindset. When on their fitness journey they also approach it with a happy positive mindset with no negative self talk and they visualize their future self. This is crucial in getting to your fitness goals and staying there.


So what do you think? These are all things you can start today to ensure you see fitness success. You can do all of these things and finally be successful! If you need professional help from me you can sign up for a free transformation session. Follow this link to find out how..

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