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Today’s blog is all about food! Yay! Everyone’s favourite topic. Wouldn’t you agree? These are some quick and easy recipes I have come up with that are not only tasty but healthy and won’t take you hours and hours to make. Some of the recipes only take minutes to make so there is no excuse for not eating healthy. Besides, these recipes also taste really good and mimic some of everyone’s favourite foods. So here are six quick and healthy recipes:

9 Awesome Quick and Easy Recipes You Can Make Today!

Chicken​ ​Veggie​ ​Kabobs​ ​(Protein,​ ​Carbs,​ ​Veges,​ ​Fruit)  Cut​ ​3​ ​oz​ ​skinless,​ ​boneless​ ​chicken​ ​breast​ ​into​ ​2″​ ​cubes;​ ​chop​ ​1/2​ ​green bell​ ​pepper​ ​and​ ​1/2​ ​medium​ ​onion​ ​into​ ​chunks.​ ​You​ ​will​ ​Skewer​ ​chicken and​ ​veggies​ ​along​ ​with​ ​4​ ​whole​ ​white​ ​mushrooms.​ ​Brush​ ​with​ ​balsamic vinegar.​ ​Broil​ ​or​ ​grill​ ​until​ ​chicken​ ​is​ ​cooked​ ​through.​ ​Serve​ ​over​ ​1​ ​cup cooked​ ​brown​ ​rice​ ​(no​ ​salt​ ​added)​ ​mixed​ ​with​ ​1/2​ ​cup​ ​steamed​ ​frozen mixed​ ​vegetables.​ ​Add​ ​1/2​ ​cup​ ​grapes​ ​on​ ​the​ ​side.

Mini​ ​Pizza(Carbs,​ ​Veges,​ ​Dairy,​ ​Protein)  Spread​ ​2​ ​tablespoons​ ​low-sodium​ ​Marinara​ ​(meatless)​ ​spaghetti​ ​sauce onto​ ​one​ ​whole​ ​toasted​ ​whole​ ​wheat​ ​English​ ​muffin​ ​and​ ​top​ ​with​ ​¾​ ​ounce part-skim​ ​mozzarella​ ​cheese;​ ​broil​ ​or​ ​microwave​ ​until​ ​cheese​ ​softens.

Seafood​ ​Veggie​ ​Soup​ ​(Protein,​ ​Veges,​ ​carbs,​ ​essential​ ​fats) Microwave​ ​together​ ​(around​ ​3​ ​minutes​ ​in​ ​most​ ​microwaves)​ ​until​ ​steaming hot:​ ​12​ ​ounces​ ​fat-free​ ​low​ ​sodium​ ​vegetable​ ​broth​ ​with​ ​3​ ​oz​ ​frozen​ ​cooked shrimp​ ​and​ ​½​ ​cup​ ​frozen​ ​no-salt​ ​added​ ​mixed​ ​vegetables​ ​(carrot,​ ​peas, corn,​ ​green​ ​beans,​ ​limas.)​ ​Serve​ ​with​ ​1​ ​whole​ ​wheat​ ​roll​ ​(2×2″)​ ​with​ ​1 teaspoon​ ​olive​ ​oil​ ​for​ ​dipping.


Chocolate Pudding(yep you read that right- Carbs, Protein, Dairy)   In a small bowl use a whisk to combine 6 oz of plain, fat free yogurt and one scoop of high quality chocolate protein powder. Mix until all lumps have disappeared. Garnish with a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings.

Egg Quiches (Protein, Dairy) Blend or whisk eggs, spinach, bacon and cheese and then pour into muffin tins. How easy is that! Tada! If you don’t want bacon you can substitute with tomatoes.

Whole​ ​Wheat​ ​Turkey​ ​Wrap​ ​(Protein,​ ​Carbs,​ ​Veges,​ ​Essential Fats) Arrange​ ​​ ​sliced​ ​low-sodium​ ​turkey​ ​breast​ ​on​ ​10″​ ​whole-wheat​ ​tortilla​ ​wrap spread with​ ​1​ ​teaspoon​ ​low-fat​ ​mayo,​ ​½​ ​of​ ​medium​ ​(7″)​ ​sliced​ ​cucumber and​ ​1/3​ ​cup​ ​diced​ ​red​ ​pepper.​ ​Wrap​ ​into​ ​burrito-style​ ​sandwich.


Veggie​ ​Tofu​ ​Stir​ ​Fry(Protein,​ ​Veges,​ ​Fruits) Stir​ ​fry​ ​1​ ​cup​ ​firm​ ​tofu​ ​and​ ​2​ ​cups​ ​frozen​ ​Asian​ ​vegetable​ ​mix​ ​(broccoli, carrot,​ ​and​ ​snow​ ​peas)​ ​in​ ​1​ ​tablespoon​ ​canola​ ​oil.​ ​Separately,​ ​mix​ ​½​ ​cup low​ ​sodium​ ​vegetable​ ​broth​ ​with​ ​1​ ​teaspoon​ ​corn​ ​starch,​ ​1​ ​teaspoon low-sodium​ ​soy​ ​sauce​ ​and​ ​1​ ​teaspoon​ ​minced​ ​fresh​ ​ginger​ ​and​ ​add​ ​this sauce​ ​to​ ​stir​ ​fry.​ ​Serve​ ​over​ ​½​ ​cup​ ​Asian​ ​noodles,​ ​made​ ​with​ ​no​ ​salt​ ​added. Finish​ ​meal​ ​with​ ​½​ ​small​ ​fresh​ ​apples,​ ​sliced.


Homemade Trail​ ​Mix​ ​(protein,​ ​fruits) Mix​ ​1​ ​ounce​ ​(2​ ​tablespoons​ ​or​ ​22​ ​nuts)​ ​unsalted,​ ​roasted​ ​almonds​ ​and​ ​½ ounce​ ​(1​ ​tablespoon)​ ​raisins.

Chocolate​ ​Smoothie​ ​(protein,​ ​dairy) Mix​ ​6​ ​ounces​ ​low​ ​fat​ ​milk,​ ​1​ ​tablespoon​ ​unsweetened​ ​cocoa​ ​powder,​ ​1 teaspoon​ ​honey,​ ​and​ ​3​ ​ice​ ​cubes​ ​in​ ​a​ ​blender​ ​until​ ​frothy.


And there you have it. Quick and easy recipes that tastes awesome. Let me know if you have made these and how you liked them or how they turned out!

Have a great day everyone!

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