Kitchener Personal Trainer For Professional Women Only Who Want To Lose Fat And Get Healthy
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Hi there, I’m Noelle. 

I am obsessed about all things fitness. I could  probably do squats all day long! But what I really love doing is working with busy frustrated women who think fitness is a chore and convincing them that it can be fun, all the while educating them on what fitness can do for their lives overall. And how it can make them way happier and have way more energy to do all of those crazy time restrained things we do all day. 

But personally I love hanging out with my teen yay she still likes me! And shopping(don’t we all) and hiking in this conservation area we live very close to. Also I used to live in Calgary and I skied almost every weekend. I have to get back there for a visit.

Anyway that’s a little bit about me and I can’t wait to hear from all of you out there…

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