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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

There are so many myths regarding the topic of building a great booty. There is all of this information out there on the net but most of it is false, all designed to get  you to buy a product or program . In this post I am going to lay out the myths and facts so there is no confusion..


There is information out there telling you can build a booty with no equipment and no resistance such as Donkey Kicks or Glute Kickbacks with no equipment. This is  prevalent everywhere and its just not true. You need to have resistance and a resistance strong enough to illicit stimulus and growth. These exercises will not work unless you have a cable with some substantial weight attached. Air Squats and no weight Lunges fall into this category as well. 


There is a myth that your Glutes fall asleep or are not activated due to us sitting on our butts all day and that you will need to activate them by doing Glute activation exercises. But this is not true. Your Glutes don’t fall asleep and are not dormant. If that was the case, you wouldn’t even be able to get up off your chair and you certainly wouldn’t be able to walk around. We use our Glutes heavily for those types of movements. 

So don’t worry about “activating your Glutes”. It’s not necessary.


There are so many articles out there telling you that Squats isn’t the best or most effective exercise for building the Glutes. Reason being is,  the person doing the Squats is doing a high bar Squat with a narrower stance without hitting depth. This is going to empasize your Quads versus your Glutes.

Squats have always been and always will be a very effective exercise for your Glutes if done properly. Always hit depth. This means below parallel. You don’t have to do ass to grass Squats but the depth should reach below your hips. That’s a good guide or below 90 degrees if you know what that looks like. 

Focus on your Glutes getting you out of the bottom of the Squats as opposed to your Quads and Inner Thighs. You will develop great Glutes from Squats but always make sure you are doing other exercises as well for a well rounded Glute program. 


This is going to sound controversial because so many people love their Glute Thrusts and want to push the idea that this is the best exercise to do for your Glutes. Im going to tell you right now that the reason they like it so much is because it’s way easier to execute than a Barbell Squat or a Deadlift. 

You can push way more weight with his movement than with Squats or Deadlifts but that shouldn’t be the reason you’re doing them! Is it an effective Glute exercise? Yes. But it should not be the main exercise. It’s very effective as an accessory exercise in addition to Deadlifts and Squats. 

I also want to mention that many people are doing this exercise incorrectly. If you are feeling this exercise in your back, you’re doing it wrong. You should be able to feel it in the Glutes right away. If you’re not get help from someone who knows how to do Glute Thrusts properly. 

Those are just some Booty building myths that are out there. I hope I straightened out the truth about these myths! 

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