Kitchener Personal Trainer For Professional Women Only Who Want To Lose Fat And Get Healthy


 UPDATE February 16th 2021: The Ontario Government has placed the Waterloo Region in a Red Zone so that means I can open back up with certain protocols and they are listed below. Thanks for your patience!

 I am fully open, ready to accept new clients(and of course book current and existing clients). There are certain protocols and rules that will need to be followed. They are as follows:

1. Wear a mask to every session. Wash your mask before coming to the session. I will also be wearing a mask. If you do not own a mask one will be provided to you. 
2. Take off any outdoor footwear when you arrive and put on different shoes. 
3. Before you enter the workout room use hand sanitizer first. I am providing it. 
4. I will be sanitizing everything before you arrive including the mat, any surfaces and the weights themselves. And also the bathroom as it can be used if you need it. 
5. If you are sick or having any symptoms of Covid-19 please let me know ahead of time and then self isolate and wait. 
Thanks and I will see you all soon! 
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