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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

Green tea isolated on white background.

I’m sure you have heard by now that Green Tea burns fat and that somehow miraculously you will shed a ton of weight if you drink it. Do you think that’s true? Think again.


Yes there are studies shown that Green Tea can be very healthy. No question about that. There are also some studies to show it can metabolize fat. Is that actually true or were some of these studies biased? Some studies are done just to prove someone’s theories and they will go to great lengths to prove their hypothesis. The people conducting the study will twist data around to prove their theory or their sample size is small, meaning there may be ten people in the study and in that way you can definitely “work around the data”.

So what are the benefits of Green Tea? Well it can lower your cholesterol and improve blood flow. It can also increase brain activity and keep blood sugar levels stable in people with Diabetes (just make sure you are not drinking the Green teas with added sugar). This is all good news right? But what are the negative effects? Can we have too much? Well you can have too much caffeine and that can lead to caffeine dependency and withdrawal when you don’t have it. Another negative is reduced iron absorption. It can also increase anxiety and increase bowel problems like diarrhea. It’s also not recommended for people with Anemia, Heart Condition or Glaucoma. So again there are some negative effects and you can certainly have too much Green Tea, that’s for sure!


But what about weight loss or fat loss? Does it really help to shed fat? There have been some studies to show that the active ingredient in Green Tea might help you shed some fat, but then there are also an equal amount of studies to prove this isn’t so.

The reality is there is no food or drink that’s going to melt off pounds or fat. There just isn’t. I realize everyone is looking for a magic solution to weight loss but there isn’t any. It’s going to take work. You are going to need to exercise and eat healthy and keep your calories in check. It is very simple but not an easy thing to implement.

But if you truly want results and want to lose weight and fat you need to exercise, eat healthy and get good sleep. This is the formula for weight loss, not Green Tea or any other food or drink.

If you need help or advice on losing weight and or fat feel free to message me. Let me know your thoughts on Green Tea . Do you drink it? Has it helped you in any way? Let me know in the comments.

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