The Fastest Way To Build Your Booty

How To Build Your Booty The Right Way With Proven Systems

If you want to finally get solid results, this is the most important thing you will ever read! Here’s why. First of all, I’m going to prove that I have the most effective way to build your booty . Second of all, if you have ever tried to build your booty before and failed it’s because there are certain myths that are holding you back!

In this PDF I will expose these myths and show you how to build your booty the right way. And finally Im going to show you 3 specific things you can do to start building your Glutes , starting today. 

What is preventing you from building a great booty? You know what the number 1 reason you’re not seeing results is?….Myths! There are 3 basic myths that are keeping you from building a great booty. The good news is I’m going to give you the facts verus the myths . The bad news is you have probably been believing these for a while  or worse, implementing them. 


Booty Bands work your booty. Fact is they don’t. The reason you think they do is that there are so many so called experts telling you booty bands will build your Glutes . They won’t and they just don’t work. You may be listening to social media influencers who don’t know what they’re doing or they’re just trying to sell you their latest product. The reason they don’t work is they just do not have enough resistance and they don’t allow for progressive overload!  


All you need to do is Air Squats and Donkey Kicks to build a booty. Again you’re probably watching social media videos or so called Glute experts who tell you this is all you need to do. Not true. It’s not necessary to spend hours and do endless glute movements but you need to do different exercises performed in a different way with load, sets and reps.


Thinking you can build your booty in 2 weeks, which means if you’re in the gym 4 times a week you’re thinking you can get a big booty in just eight sessions. It doesn’t have to take years, but you certainly won’t get a booty in 2 weeks! I understand why you think this way because there is so much misinfo about how long it takes to build a nice booty. 


You can’t have a big booty unless you’re genetically gifted or had surgery done. This is not true at all. I can see why you may think this because a lot of women are fast tracking their way to a big booty by getting plastic surgery and you think only people born with a good butt can have a nice booty but you can certainly build a nice booty if you’re not genetically gifted or have resorted to plastic surgery. 

So what are two things you can start doing right now to build your booty? 

Number #1 is to join a gym and start lifting weights and doing key booty building exercises such as Lunges, Squats, Deadlifts, etc. 

Number #2 is to start eating differently in order to build that booty! Start eating things like Chicken, Eggs, Turkey, Bread, Pasta, etc 

Number #3 is to start visualizing and believing that you can build your booty. Believe in yourself! . Rely on yourself and your own determination! Picture yourself with a nice round hard booty!


  • It Will Start Giving You A Harder Perkier Butt In 6 Weeks 
  • It Will Teach You What Booty Exercises To Do At The Gym (Or Home Gym) And How To Do them Properly In Order To Start Building That Butt 
  • It Will Teach You What To Eat And How Much In Order To Get A Nice Round Booty
  • You Will Have Weekly Specific Workout Programs Laid Out With How To Videos Designed By Me, Your Personal Trainer And Fitness Professional