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Personal training can be done in my home studio or online. In home personal training is for women and non binary only and online is for all people including non binary, women and men. 

The main trainer at NEW Fitness is Noelle and she is fully certified and has over 20 years experience training people for weight loss and muscle gain as well as addressing their injuries and weaknesses at the same time.

Please know that I don’t take everyone on as a client. This is also a comprehensive 12 week personal training program and therefore has a fee attached to it. Price for the initial 12 week one on one personal training fat loss  program is $1899 plus HST. Details of the program is discussed at the FREE transformation session that is booked in advance. This includes fitness testing and in depth goal setting. 

For Online Personal Training and Fitness Coaching it is $960 plus HST for 12 weeks. 

Many times you will hear personal trainers recommend 3 times per week or more. I feel that it is not necessary to see a personal trainer that many times. I recommend twice per week for a minimum of 12 weeks and as long after that as you need it. This will be determined at the end of 12 weeks. My goal is to get all clients to be independent with fitness eventually. 

There are no refunds unless you move through the entire program and don’t see any results.

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