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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness

get ripped abs

Is it really possible to get ripped abs? Yes for some people. People who are genetically predisposed to having their abs reveal themselves in the form of six pack. That doesn’t mean everyone can’t get flat or hard or as most people would say “toned” abs though. Does it take hard work? Yes. Does it take eating super clean foods in the form of protein, carbs and very little fat? Absolutely!


Are you going to get six pack abs from drinking beer and eating nachos? Nope! Are you going to get flat abs from doing 200 crunches every night? Or 100 hanging raises at the gym? No. No you are not. You can do a million crunches and 600 hanging leg raises and you would still not get a six pack until you clean up your diet and do some cardio.

NOT CARDIO! Yes cardio but mostly clean eating.-veges and tons of them. No you can’t have too many veges and no carrots and broccoli will not make you fat. Also lean sources of protein,mostly boneless skinless chicken breast. Turkey is good too but be careful because some of that can be pretty fattening. Some people have taken to pork as well and that is also fattening. Don’t fool yourself or let others fool you.Lean or extra lean beef is very good as well as eggs. And as far as fats go only healthy fats like olive oil.


Water also goes a long way to making you appear like you have abs just because it cuts down on bloating. Water will not make you lose weight. I know you’re surprised right? Like I said water will cut the bloating and it will also help you discern between feeling like you’re hungry or if you are simply thirsty. It can get fuzzy that way. A lot of times when you think you are hungry, you are just thirsty.


So does working out or strength training have anything to do with getting a six pack? No. Not really but doing some good ab and core work will help build and strengthen your abdominal muscles and will help burn fat and tighten your ab muscles which in turn will help your posture and make you look more fit.


As for cardio long duration cardio will not be your friend. Do not do cardio in “fat burning zone”. This means steady state cardio and this you need to avoid if you want to seriously eliminate fat from your belly(and everywhere else-no spot reduction here). Interval and sprint cardio is awesome for showing your Abs by reducing fat. Have you heard of HIIT? This is what you need to be doing to get the results you want. It stands for High Intensity Interval training in case you didn’t already know. An example of this: walk for one minute, run for 30 secs and alternate for up to 20 minutes. That is all you need. There are tons of other variations to HIIT but that is just on example.

So there you have it. I gave you an idea of how to get ripped abs. It involves many different factors but if you can combine all of them together in a nice neat package then you can definitely achieve your fit abs! Yay!

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