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What Happy Personal Training Clients Are Saying


I trained Eva at her home in Waterloo twice per week. In the beginning she had  a hard time going from sitting to simply just getting up.  . Mobility was not there but after a while she was able to not only get up but jump up from the floor! She went from having a chair rail in her home to running up the stairs. To say that I am proud of her achievements is an understatement. 

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Noelle started training with me 8 years ago when I was at my worst. I had been diagnosed with Diabetes and I was terribly overweight. I looked online for someone(preferably a woman) who could come to my home and train me. Her site caught my eye and I contacted her. She came over and right away I knew I would feel comfortable with her. She just knew where to start, which was slowly sitting down until I could start doing exercises standing up. Within a couple of months she had me doing a full hour and feeling really good about myself for the first time in a decade.To say that she literally saved my life would be an understatement. Noelle cares about her clients. She makes a point of getting to know them. She understood the importance of a job well done. We trained together for 2 years. During that time I dropped over 50 lbs and regulated my blood sugar. Noelle gave me the will to keep going. I have continued to work out regularly for 10 years now and it all started with Noelle. I’ve kept my weight down as well. I know she is still proud of me after all this time and in the back of my mind I continue to do what she taught me with her in mind. We don’t communicate much these days but she’s always going to be the person that changed my life. 


Bas was one of two ladies that I trained together in one of their homes in Cambridge. They were two good friends and training them was a blast. Both of them were not sure they would see any results as they had tried many methods of weight loss before. I was happy to be able to give them the confidence that with some proper training, workouts and nutrition they could achieve their goals. 

I Lost 15 Inches In Three Months! Noelle is very knowledgeable but explains things in words you can understand. I wasn’t sure at first because I didn’t think I would get any results but I did. I am so happy. Thank you!


Sandra signed up with her sister Lisa in my outdoor bootcamp last year in Mclennan Park. They worked really hard and saw some good results and showed up every session for the entire summer. Great bootcampers. I couldn’t ask for any better. 


Susan filled out a form on my website for someone to come to her home in Waterloo to train her but mostly to give her an exercise plan. She was quite self motivated and in the end just needed some knowledge and education on how to design and implement her own programs. She was a joy to train. 

I find Noelle to be very knowledgable and encourages people to learn all they can so they can be independent. I have done just that and I want to thank you for giving me the confidence to do this on my own with help and encouragement from you.


Angela joined my outdoor bootcamp that I held in Cherry Park a number of years ago. She just wanted to tone up and lose a few inches. She put in 100% effort and never missed a session. 

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I lost 3 and a half inches in 4 Weeks! You’ve taught me a lot of great things and I feel like my energy levels have spiked which is what I was hoping for! Thanks for all of your help!


Jenny joined my bootcamp that I held in Victoria Park. Later on she also did some personal training. The following Spring, she also joined my second Bootcamp held in Victoria Park. She got killer results. She got a six pack and was super happy with the intensity I provided in the BootCamp. This was 2010 when BootCamps were not exercise classes but were similar to army bootcamps. I had her as a client for two years. She was a great client!

I find the boot camp workouts to be challenging but fun, completely different and varied and different every time. I have most definitely seen benefits in my time at the boot camp. I feel like I have more energy. I feel fit and I can see the toning differences. I have also learned a lot of new exercises that I can do on my own and I have learned a lot about eating and exercising effectiveness. Noelle is peppy and energetic as well as knowledgeable and program focused. Overall I found the boot camp experience to be great! I’m glad I did it!


Theresa was one of those skeptical clients in that when I told her the workouts would be effective but fun, she didn’t believe me. That’s ok. She saw for herself, which was great. Sometimes you just have to show people, instead of tell.

The workouts are challenging but really fun! And though the price is not cheap, it’s not expensive either just about right. I like that they are varied and different. Noelle makes working out fun, believe it or not!


Kari joined my very first bootcamp in Victoria Park. She enjoyed her time at Bootcamp and kept going for the entire Summer. She was another really great bootcamper! 

I have seen benefits such as more stamina and I think I have lost some weight but would like to lose more. I think there are some things I need to change outside of the boot camp, which I plan on doing! And of course I plan to keep going! I also feel stronger in the arms and legs. I like that the instructor Noelle ensures proper form, breathing and technique and it’s great! I’m so glad I decided to do it!


Jamie joined my bootcamp in Cherry Park and saw some great results. She was a pure joy to train. In the time that she was in Bootcamp she not only changed her own life for the better but also passed that along to her family members.  A great success story.

Thanks for the measurements and the great boot camp sessions. I was very glad to find that you give such an accurate and true depiction of how to eat healthy and about the relation between healthy weight and exercise! I enjoyed the creative exercises and group exercise environment. I loved to get to know everyone over the months and have a good laugh every Tuesday and Thursday.  Such a good cheer up at the end of the day. I also liked that you were down to earth, and personable. Great instruction and sessions! 🙂  Oh and yes, I would recommend the bootcamp to others for all the above reasons. I am also happy with my results. I liked to see the end results and the fact that it didn’t hurt my toe/foot. It motivated me to try running a bit so that I can fit more cardio in my life and I’ve started doing some of the exercises from class in my yard after I run. I also passed on the gift of health/exercise this weekend: I brought my brother and Dad out running twice this weekend and got them into some more cardio (they are excited to join me for the Zombie apocalypse run in September hehe).   🙂  This was just what I needed to get me feeling like I can do higher intensity cardio without hurting myself, (thank goodness)! Thank-you!

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