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Healthy Eating For Busy Women

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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

healthy eating for busy women

One of the biggest struggles women face today is a busy schedule. They are so busy that finding time for healthy eating is a real challenge. Quick and convenient foods end up as a replacement for healthy food choices when you are constantly on the go. These less than ideal food choices can lead you to feeling lethargic, increasing weight gain and potential health issues.

Even with a busy schedule you don’t have to resort to fast foods. It’s possible to eat healthy foods even if you have a crazy busy life. It just requires some pre-planning. With my suggestions you will feel better, have more energy and feel more fit. When you start fueling your body with healthier food choices, you will also find you don’t have the 3 pm urge to consume more caffeine due to feeling tired.. Read on for some quick and healthy solutions.


There are plenty of times that you will be busy at work and  away from home. This will make it more challenging to eat healthy. Take the time to plan ahead and relax knowing that you haven’t derailed yourself by consuming empty calories that will only make you hungry a short time after.

Most of us spend hours in our vehicles every week stuck in traffic on our way home from work or on our lunch break. If we don’t plan ahead it’s easy to fall into the trap of finding a drive though when you feel super hungry.

Don’t wait until the point that you are starving to make food choices because this always lead to bad decisions and junk food. Instead plan ahead so you won’t have to rely on willpower to keep you on track which by the way never works. Pack easy to carry healthy snacks and meals and keep them in your car. That way you always have something healthy on hand.


The following items are both easy to prepare and convenient for on the go. Experiment and find out which snack you like best! Be sure to keep perishable foods in a cooler or use an ice pack.

  • baby carrots and cucumber slices with hummus 

  • sliced apples with peanut or almond butter

  • clementine or mandarin oranges

  • grapes

  • sliced or whole pears

  • nuts and raisins or trail mix

  • cheese slices or cut up cheese-make sure it’s real cheese and not processed

  • hard boiled eggs


Just because you have had a busy and a rough day doesn’t mean you have to resort to junk food or processed meals for dinner. With some planning you can make sure you have healthy meals ready to go when you come home from work. With the intervention of the internet yay you now have access to millions of quick recipes at your fingertips. A lot of these meals can be made in under an half an hour! If you prep the night before or on the weekends , you can come home to a delicious home cooked meal that is ready to serve!


Batch cook and plan for leftovers. Simply double or triple the recipe and set the extras aside for the entire week. It doesn’t take much effort and then you have meals ready for you for the whole week. I suggest taking the weekend to do this or any day(s) off that you have. 


Even with a busy schedule, you can still make sure you are eating healthy. With some planning you can make sure that you can enjoy healthy foods that support your fitness goals and lifestyle.

You can do this! Let me know if I can help.

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