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How To Have A Low Cost Home Gym

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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

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Many people think they need to spend a lot of money to have a home gym. But you don’t. You don’t need fancy equipment or an entire rack of weights to have your own home gym. In this blog post I will tell you the best low cost pieces of equipment to buy for your home gym from a great resource right here in Kitchener Ontario. Read on..

9 Pieces Of Low Cost Home Gym Equipment

When you are building a home gym and you don’t want to spend a lot of money you need to get key pieces that are going to work your body overall. Many of the exercises you will be doing in the beginning will be body weight exercises. Do not make the mistake of thinking body weight exercises are easier. They’re not. Actually in many instances they can be much more challenging. This is not to say that you won’t be using equipment but the focus will be on body weight movements. Here are 9 pieces of equipment that you should focus on to keep costs low for your home gym..I have chosen Fitness Depot for the store of choice simply because they are the cheapest. Yes they are cheaper than Amazon. And no I am not an affiliate or sponsored in any way..Read on for more..

Exercise Loop BandsThese are used to work your lower body such as Glutes, Hips, Hamstrings and Quads.An example of this product can be found at Fitness Depot from 360 Athletics. Light is $3.88, Medium is $4.88, Heavy is $5.88 and Extra Heavy is $6.88

Ab Wheel -This is an excellent tool for working for your entire abdominals. They are very low cost and go for $5.88. 

Pushup Bars-These are used to aid in your push ups. They are great and will help you craft a killer push up without hurting your wrists. These are available for $9.88 and up.

Door Frame Chin BarIf you like to do chin ups and think you can’t do them at home and without a gym membership, you’re wrong. You can buy a chin bar that is inserted in a regular doorframe. Chin ups are really great for developing your Back, Shoulders, Biceps and Abs. This can go for as little as $14.88. 

Pull Up AssistNot everyone can do a chin up at first so a pull up assist is a great piece of equipment to help you get there. It’s a great goal to work towards to performing the perfect chin up. You can get a pull up assist kit for $24.88

Speed Ladder-No workout is complete without a cardio! Do these ladders on a regular basis and you will increase cardiovascular as well as burn a ton of calories. You can get various types of these ladders anywhere. You can get one for as little as $16.88 at Fitness Depot. 

Stability BallNo home gym is complete without a stability ball. There are so many exercises and various ways to use every muscle in your body with a Stability ball. These used to be very expensive but now they are very low cost. A stability ball can completely replace benches. I would advise to get one of these balls as soon as possible! You can now get these Stability balls for as low as $11.88.

Resistance BandsThese are a must for any home gym. They can be worked for any muscle group and they all go from 10 pounds all the way to 90 pounds! If you do these exercises properly you can absolutely gain muscle and have a challenging workout! There are kits that include 3 or more resistance bands and a handle starting at 10 pounds and up. These can go for $19.88.

Step-This is also a great piece of equipment to have in your home gym. It’s great for cardio and for strength sessions. You can also follow along Youtube videos that involve step classes. Makes for a great workout! These generally start at about $40. You can get one at Fitness Depot at $39.88. 

So there you have it. I have shown you some pieces of equipment for your home gym all available to purchase within the Kitchener area. In my opinion as a personal trainer and fitness professional these are key pieces to get for your home gym. All of these pieces add up to under $200 and are all that is needed to get started for your home workouts. There’s no need to spend any more than that..

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