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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

how to workout during coronavirus

Your gym has shut down due to a new Pandemic called Covid-19, a variant of Coronavirus. What are you going to do now? Should you just quit and wait until gyms are open? Or can you workout at home? How about outside? I say yes to both. You can workout at home or outside and maintain your current level of fitness and for some you can improve it! 


You can buy gym equipment if you want, but bodyweight workouts do work. They can increase your strength, muscle size, decrease body fat levels and more.  They are a lot harder than people might think. You might think they are easy but try to do 2 mins of Burpees and then come back and tell me that was easy. Devise a bodyweight workout or copy from someone on Instagram or Youtube. I also have lots of bodyweight workouts you can try. 


You can exercise and workout outside. This might also be more enjoyable than working out in your home. There are also certain variables and equipment that you might find outside to make your workouts more challenging like rocks, benches and terrain. 

Examples of outdoor workouts are; Hill Runs, Trail Running, Hiking, Walking Lunges, Squats, Sprints, etc. There are tons of workouts you can get in and because you are doing this outside with hills and different terrain you will burn more calories while building muscle at the same time! 

Outdoor workouts are my absolute favourite and they are never boring!


This is what many people have started to do since the gyms have closed down due to the Coronavirus. You don’t need  a lot of equipment to build a home gym and you might be a person that feels they need one. You can start off(start slow) with a couple of dumbells, some resistance bands and a mat. This should be enough to create a stimulus and will give you lots of varied and different workouts to do for the coming months. Like I said start off slow and cheap. Don’t start buying squat racks, Barbells and Plates at first. You don’t even know if you’re going to be the type of person to work out at home or outside so I wouldn’t want you to waste your money! Start off small and see how it goes. I have an entire article of how to buy a low cost gym here  .


Yes the Coronvirus sucks and yes your gym is closed but you can still reach your fitness goals with home workouts and outside workouts. Don’t give up and start lounging around and eating pizza and donuts. Or whatever other junk food you like. Keep doing your best and achieving the fitness goals you have set out for yourself. Stay positive and exercise as often as possible. You will be happy you did, instead of sitting around and getting fat and depressed. Remember exercise raises your endorphins and serotonin levels so keep at it! My thoughts are with everyone. Don’t also forget to social distance when and if you are exercising outside and stay healthy!!

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