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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

is your personal trainer expensive

Is your personal trainer expensive or cheap? How do you know? After all expensive is relative to the individual. With personal training you definitely get what you pay for. There is a big difference between a cheap personal trainer and an expensive one. In this blog post I am going to tell you the differences between a $35/session Personal Trainer, an $85-$100/session Personal Trainer and a $500 plus/session Personal Trainer.

Cheap Personal Trainers

Cheap personal trainers run around $35-$40 per session or less. These trainers are usually new to the business and are trying to gain experience and more knowledge. Some of them just want a part time job or a side hustle and already have full time job elsewhere or are going to school for something else. With these personal trainers there will be no nutritional followup or meal plans of any kind. Simply because they either don’t have the time or experience making meal plans or they don’t have the knowledge to implement them or give any nutritional advice. 

The cheap personal trainers don’t have any knowledge or experience in injury management or prevention and if they do it’s very minimal. The only population they are fully capable of training is the general population with no known injuries, weaknesses or disease. You can usually tell as they will be a generalist with no specialties. In other words they will tell you that they train everyone. 

These trainers won’t have any kind of results guarantee, no follow up, no custom workout plans as they will tend to be more of a cookie cutter program that everyone gets and no systems in place to ensure you get results. How can you tell? Well they will talk about the workout session a lot and most of the time they will charge by the session or two. 

If none of these things are important and you just need someone to stand there to watch you workout, then  a cheap personal trainer might be for you.


Like it or not, the going rate for personal trainers is around $80-$100 per session. This can mean expensive to some, but it’s normal to charge this rate. So what’s the difference between this personal trainer that charges roughly $80 and the personal trainer that charges $35? A lot. 

The $80-$100 personal trainer usually has at least 5 years experience in the field. By this I mean, working full time training people all day long 5-6 days a week with various issues such as back weaknesses, Hypertension, Diabetes, Accidents and Injuries. They are well versed in these areas and have experience training these populations. These personal trainers usually have at minimum a national or international certification and sometimes University Education as well in Exercise Science or Kinesiology.  They also have ongoing educational credits to maintain their certification. 

These personal trainers(like me, ahem thank you) work full time in their own businesses and will have overhead costs that the $35 a session trainer won’t have. They also take their profession very seriously and have passion for the industry. Usually follow up is guaranteed including nutrition, meal plans and systems put in place to ensure your success. There is always a custom workout made especially for the client with no cookie cutter programs. Ongoing followup is provided and individual workout plans to do on their own is also sometimes included. Sometimes there will also be a money back guarantee or some sort of guarantee to ensure results are achieved. 

Most $80/session personal trainers also specialize in a given population. Some might train Athletes only or do Injury Management only. Some only train women for fat loss. You will rarely hear a top, high quality personal trainer tell you they train everyone. 

If you want the best, you will need to pay for the best. If you have injuries or illness or even weakness that causes you pain, I would urge you to seek out the $80-$100/session personal trainer. 


Getting paid $500 plus a session sounds like a dream right? It does sound pretty good and of course only rich people can shell out out this kind of dough. It is usually Celebrities paying these kind of rates. They have a movie coming up and need to “look the part”. Sometimes that involves losing some weight or gaining lots of muscle. But they need this done in a certain amount of time. They will definitely need a guarantee from the celebrity trainer and sometimes all of the personal trainer’s time is devoted to this one client. Being a celebrity’s personal trainer is very demanding and this is one reason why the rate is so high. Sometimes they are not able to train anyone else so they need to be paid accordingly. They may also live with the client or go on all their trips with them so that the client has still has their trainer with them for their workouts. 

So as you can see this personal trainer is very different from the $80-$100 a session personal trainer and worlds apart from the cheap personal trainer at $35 or $40 a session. 

If you are rich or a celebrity and you need results now, this may be a good option but it is definitely not for most people!

As you can see there are many differences between cheap Personal Trainers, more expensive personal trainers and Celebrity personal trainers. Which one is right for you? That is for you to decide. I hope I made it easier for you to tell which one you might need. 

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