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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness


Let’s talk leggings. I don’t know about you but I don’t just wear any kind of leggings. I need my leggings to be good quality, “camouflage” any areas I don’t want to be highlighted(you know what I’m talking about right) and not fall down or show any crotch sweat. I realize that may be too much information but we all get crotch sweat. I don’t care who you are, you get it and if you don’t, you need to work out harder!


Anyhoo so suffice it to say I am very picky about my leggings. The ONLY leggings I will buy and wear now are Lululemon leggings. I’m sure you have heard of them but if you haven’t they are an awesome Canadian yoga company out of British Columbia but now have stores all over the world including the US, China and the UK.
They are known for having their own fabrics unique to their company such as Luon, Luxtreme and Nulu. Gorgeous fabrics that not only look good but feel good too(think soft), as well as being high quality.


And yes they are higher priced but they last forever so it’s actually cheaper than if you bought your leggings from some place like Forever 21 or Old Navy. I have a pair that is seven years old and no pilling has occurred and they are like new. As long as you take care of them such as not putting them in the dryer and not on hot in the washer, you will have no issues.


Know that Lululemon are a size smaller than the average clothing size you wear normally. So if you are an 8 in normal clothes you will generally need to go to a size 10. The way you can tell if you have too small of a size is the fabric will look shiny instead of opaque and will be see through.


I do have my favourites among the Lululemon line and they are Wunder Unders, All The Right Places, Making Moves and Inspire Tight. Wunder Unders are good for yoga and lounging or going shopping, etc. They are extremely comfy but not for hardcore gym workouts. All The Right Places pant are really good for gym workouts and you could sweat your butt off and they stay dry, plus your butt looks unbelievable in these pants! Making Moves are also good for the gym-it’s the same material as All The Right Places pant so sweat free! Inspire Tight are also great for the gym, as well as running.

So there you have it. With Lululemon leggings, you can squat all day long and they are not see through unlike the others I have mentioned..

I find there are a lot of people-well women that are searching for the perfect leggings. Lululemon won’t disappoint if you can getĀ  past the price tag. Happy shopping and comment what kind of Lululemon leggings you like or have bought!

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