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If It Has To Do With Fat Loss I Can Help

Hi! My name is Noelle and I have been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer  for over 20 years. I have certifications blah blah blah. Do you really want to read how I have trained dozens , well hundreds of women to lose fat and feel better over the last whatever years? And all the certifications? Boring!! And yes I have had troubles with my weight. Have I ever! But really so is almost every trainer you see out there. This is why we get into the fitness industry in the first place. We are so excited about attaining our fitness goals whether that is losing weight or putting on some ripped muscle. We are so happy and want to share it with the world so we go out, get certified and become a personal trainer!

I have been anorexic, overweight, normal weight and then overweight again and then normal again. My struggles with weight started out of the womb I swear! You have probably heard this story a million times from other fitness trainers. Am I right? I’m pretty sure I am. 

The most recent struggle with my weight happened around 2014, shortly after I finished my treatment for Cancer. I was diagnosed with a rare form of Breast Cancer. And the outlook wasn’t good. I was pissed that my body had betrayed me and I almost took revenge out on it by overeating, underexercising and gaining about 30 pounds. That may not sound like a lot but it is on someone who is 5″3! I let this go on until about 2016 when my daughter took a picture of me and I couldn’t believe what I saw. This person wasn’t me. I had to change. I had to lose the weight and feel good again. And I did! It took me three months of losing most of it but I also had times where I would gain some of it back in the Winter, lose it in the Summer and this went on for the next 3 years. It wasn’t until 2019-2020 that I finally shed all the weight and got really fit and kept the weight off through the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The picture above is me at my final stage of weight loss and I couldn’t be happier. I hope this story helped you and know that everyone has struggles and things they need to overcome to become a better version of themselves. You are not alone!

Even through all of that,  I have always loved being active. This is a recurring theme and will always be in my blood. It races through my veins and will never ever stop being a passion. EVER.

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This is me(and my kid) after Cancer and Cancer treatment when I gained all of the weight. Went from a size 2 to a size 10! Yeesh. 

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This is me and my daughter. I was really skinny here.This was a about a two to three years before the pic on the left.

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