Kitchener Personal Trainer For Professional Women Only Who Want To Lose Fat And Get Healthy


Custom Made One On One Personal Training Programs And Individualized Nutrition Coaching

With over 20 years experience helping people lose fat and pounds I will create the perfect program tailored to you and help you feel confident and happy when you look in the mirror. This new service is open to Men, Women and Non Binary.

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First Steps Upon Sign Up

When you first sign up I will ask you to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire, health history and a Par Q in order to better understand your fitness level, goals and unique situation

Custom Nutritional Guidance

You will receive custom meal planning and guidance based on your current calorie intake and output and you own personal food preferences. Feedback and advice are given on a daily basis.  

Custom Training Program

From the information given based on the forms and questionnaires that you filled out I will build a custom fat loss plan that will guarantee results.  

Your Own Personal Log In, IOS App or Android App

You will either log in with a personal username and password to the online personal training portal or you can also have your own IOS App or Android App to get your workouts, meal plans, upload pictures, sync with your Fitbit, Fitness Pal or My Zone and much much more!

Ongoing Support and Check Ins

You will get constant support from me, advice and cheer leading through either direct messaging, email or text. 

24 Zoom Personal Training Sessions

You will receive 24 personal training sessions focusing on your own unique fitness goals if needed and required.  


  • This personal training workout plan will be customized to you based on your current fitness level and fitness goals. You will finally be successful in reaching your goals instead of bouncing from one program to the next
  • This is a specialized program focusing on fat loss and gaining lean muscle mass but it’s more than that. I will also help you with your mobility and injury management and help you find your a fitness activity that you enjoy and can integrate in your life forever
  • Your workout plan will be explained fully and will be easy to follow with full videos and descriptions. You can even video yourself along side the program as well as connect your Fitbit. 

Custom Nutritional Guidance

Individualized meal planning and nutrition advice and feedback are left on your app to view on a daily basis, based on your daily calorie requirements and activity for the day including workouts

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If you still have questions and are not sure if this is right for you, you can sign up for a free week trial . Just click on the button below. 

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