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9 Common Fitness Questions Answered

Over the past few decades of being a personal trainer I have heard and answered many fitness questions. Most of these questions have been centered around weight loss and fat loss. There are 9 common fitness questions that have been asked over and over again and in this blog post I will answer these questions..

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How Do I Lose Weight

Today I am going to talk about how to lose weight, the process of getting there and how to keep it off. For the past week or so I have been looking at other blogs just because I wanted to see what other fitness professionals have to say about their own profession and their philosophies on fitness, nutrition, you get the idea. A lot of them were writing about weight loss journeys, what you need to do to lose weight, etc…

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Get Out Of The Fat Burning Zone

Have you decided or started working on your fitness goals for 2018? Maybe one of those fitness goals is fat loss? Back in the day there was fitness information floating around, usually in fitness magazines and some online articles that the way to burn fat when doing cardio is to be in the "fat burning zone"...

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Waist Trainers. Are They The Latest and Greatest?

Well here we go again. The latest in weight loss aids that don't work is the waist trainer. I'm just going to tell you like it is. I feel I have an obligation to call out all those scam artists who try to convince the public, namely you and women all over that you can lose weight if only you take this or wear that..

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