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Top Booty Building Mistakes

By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

There are booty building mistakes you are making and may not realize it. You’re in the gym trying to build that booty and it isn’t growing or you’re trying to build one at home. And nothing is working. I’m going to give you some common and perhaps uncommon reasons why you are not building your perfect booty


Number one reason you may not be seeing results is because you are following fitness influencers workouts on Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok. These people are not Personal Trainers. They have no knowledge about exercise prescription or basic Physiology. Most of the time they are just trying to sell you a product from their Brand deal. You will recognize these influencers by the sheer amount of workouts that never involve actual weights and always focus on bands


Another huge mistake when building your booty is you are focusing on one or two exercises only. I see people doing a lot of Glute Hip Thrusts but won’t do any Squats or Deadlifts. You should have at least 4-6 different exercises in your Booty plan and most of them should be compound like Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges


If you are doing Glute movements without any actual weight you are not going to grow your booty. Just because you “feel the burn” does not mean you are building muscle. Progressive Overload is what is needed. And you need weights for that. You need enough stimulus to start growing and if you do movements without any weight it’s not providing enough. 


Part of having unrealistic expectations is thinking you are going to achieve a big booty in four weeks. This is not totally your fault though because there is quite a bit of misinformation regarding the length of time it takes to achieve a bigger, rounder, tighter booty. You also may have unrealistic expectations regarding how big your booty will get and how tight and firm. This will depend on genetics and how your body is built in the first place. You can certainly  get a rounder, tighter booty with exercise but genetics will predetermine how big it will get.


This is also an unrealistic expectation people have and I don’t really care what some Glute guy says, you will not simply grow your Glutes and that is it. All of the exercises to grow your Glutes also grow your legs. So if your Glutes will get bigger, so will your Hamstrings and your Quadriceps. There is literally only one singular exercise that  works only the Glutes, or should I say one Glute Muscle and that is the Glute Medius which is at the top of your hip. Hip abductions will isolate the Glute Medius but in order to build a great set of Glutes you need to work all of your muscles of the Glutes, not just the Medius. You feel me? So no you wont have skinny legs and a large butt. It doesn’t work that way. The only way this happens is through surgery. 

Im going to end this blog entry here because I actually could on about the many mistakes people make when trying to build the booty of their dreams. 

Nutrition is also a key factor when building muscle so I will write on that subject in a separate blog. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime I hope I was able to offer some education as well as some guidance on the subject of booty building. 

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