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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

excuses you make for neglecting your health

Are you making excuses for neglecting your health? Are you going to the gym or exercising on a regular basis? How about your eating habits? Are you regularly eating take out, Pizza and other junk food? Everyone comes up with excuses sometimes to do these things and more. This is a problem because you are neglecting your health. Without our health, we have nothing. 

In this blog post I will list some common excuses people use to neglect their health and urge everyone to do better by not making these excuses by doing the things and actions that support you and keep you healthy and happy. 


  1. I Don’t Have Time To Workout. This is the most common excuse made for neglecting our health. You may feel like you don’t have time but you do. Or maybe that’s just a convenient excuse? My suggestion would be that to find time for working out will mean less time in front of the TV or less time on Social Media. Both of these things take up a lot of time and if you were to decrease the time spent on these things you would find that you indeed have time to workout. 

2. I’m Too Tired To Workout/Meal Plan/Meditate This wins the award for the second best excuse for either not exercising, not meal planning or making meals at all and not addressing your mental health such as meditation. All of these things are very important for overall health. Chances are you’re not getting enough sleep on top of not getting enough exercise, not eating healthy or being healthy mentally. If you eliminate the excuse of being too tired you will find that all of the actions I mentioned above including exercising, eating the right foods and meditating will give you more energy. In fact by neglecting to do these things you will feel more and more tired. Try if for a couple of weeks without the excuse making and you will see a big difference in your energy levels!


3. I’m Too Busy We do live in a society where being or looking busy is the  ideal and if you’re not busy busy busy then you are somehow lazy and not productive. But slowing down to address your health is mandatory. Working yourself to an early grave is not something I am sure you aspire to. Slow life down a bit and get the workout in or simply get some time alone to reflect and address your mental state. It’s important. Don’t let a busy, stressful life keep you from doing the actions needed to have a happy healthy life. 

4. I’m Young, I Don’t Need To Think About My Health Yet This is one of the worse excuses yet. Addressing health issues like keeping active and eating healthy will set you up in the future and prevent you from getting future health problems and disease. The younger you start, the better. Everyone needs to think about their health, including young people and if you start now, you won’t have to worry about it later. 

5. I Can’t Workout(Exercise) Because I Can’t Neglect My Family(Kids, Husband, Parents) I get it. You feel guilty about taking time out for yourself. Just ask yourself how you are going to take care of your family if you are not healthy yourself. You can’t. You need to put yourself first or at least make yourself and your health a priority. If your family is depending on you, then you have no excuse for neglecting your health. 

6. It’s Too Expensive To Workout/Eat Healthy Did you know it’s not expensive at all to eat healthy and exercise? Healthy vegetables and fruits cost next to nothing. Healthy food is a lot cheaper than buying boxed food and junk food. It costs way more to eat out or order in than it is to make a meal at home. Stop using that excuse. As for exercising you can spend a lot of money or you can exercise for free. Yep, free. Just go outside and start running, walking, hiking. You can also stay inside and workout. There are a myriad of body weight exercises that you can do in your home and you don’t need  a lot of space to do it in. Or you can go to Youtube and search workouts. They have all kinds of them on there. 

7. It’s My Genetics. Everyone In My Family Is Unhealthy So I Am Doomed To Be As Well. Many people like to use this an excuse for being overweight or having health issues like Hypothyroid or Diabetes. The dominant reason anyone’s unhealthy is because they do not take the steps to address their health. If you workout, eat healthy and take time to relax and de-stress, you will be immensely healthier than if you sit around and do nothing, eat junk food and work non stop. It has been proven that genetics only account for a very small percentage to indicate whether you will be healthy or not healthy. 


Those are just a few excuses people make to neglect their health. I am sure there are more. Can you think of any excuses you have made in the past. We’re all human, we all make excuses to get out of something. But your health is way too important to neglect. Make an agreement with yourself that you are not going to give in to excuses and that you are going to do everything you can to make sure you are as healthy as possible.

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