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By Noelle Walker at New Fitness Personal Training

why you may need a personal trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer for a few decades now so I might be biased on whether you need a personal trainer or not. Having said that I also realize that some people may not require the services of a personal trainer. Some are self motivated and educated enough to train themselves. But how do you know whether you actually need one or not. As we all know Personal Training is an investment. It is not a cheap way to get fit. So how do you know if you are wasting your money or not? How do you know if you yes you need one or not. That’s what I am going to talk about today..


Is motivation a real thing? Are some people just always motivated to go workout and eat healthy and drink their water like they need to? The answer is no. So what is this thing called self motivation that some seem to have. Well, it’s not motivation at all that gets us to work out and do all the healthy great things we need to do. It is determination and routine. It’s not something you ponder like “should I workout today?” You just do it. Period. If you are like this you might not need a personal trainer. But what if you can’t seem to motivate yourself or force yourself to do the things like working out and eating healthy ? A Personal Trainer can be the solution. A good personal trainer will strongly encourage you to exercise and eat healthy and will put you on a strict schedule and eating plan. They will also offer up consequences if you do not follow their plan and also offer rewards if you do. In other words they can provide the motivation for you. 


I see a lot of crash dieting and short term exercise solutions like fitness classes. Let’s talk about crash dieting first. many people, no most people think the solution to their weight loss problems is to go on a crazy diet. They see an advert like “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” and they go for it. They may lose the weight but most likely they will gain it back and then some. Then they go to another diet, thinking this will be the solution. Do this a few times and you wreak havoc on your body including your own natural metabolism. People who fall prey to these weight loss diets and schemes most definitely need a personal trainer to set them straight. They need someone to tell them how to do it right and that it takes time, effort and patience. 

I also see many people go for fitness classes, BootCamps, etc. They think this will be the better way to go because it’s cheaper and not committal. But that’s the problem with going that route if you are not self motivated. If you don’t have to go to Bootcamp, chances are most won’t. And what does that lead to? It leads to no results and moving on to the next Fitness Bootcamp, Fitness Challenge or exercise class. If you find yourself doing this over and over again, it’s best to meet with a Personal Trainer to see if they can help you. 


What if you are one of those self motivated individuals. What if you are determined to achieve your fitness goals and you don’t need someone to hold you hand? You still might need a Personal Trainer if you are determined but still not sure how to execute your plan to get results. Or maybe you are very motivated but don’t have a plan at all because you are unsure of where to start or what to do. A good Personal Trainer can educate you and give you a plan to follow so that you will get great results. Not only that, a workout that you do with a Personal Trainer is way different than a workout you do on your own. When someone is standing there and instructing you on what exercises to do with the right tempo, rest time and reps and sets, then it becomes a game changer for you. Maybe you don’t need someone to motivate you, but everyone needs the right education and program for them. A Personal Trainer can provide that and more.


So is there ever a time when you don’t need a Personal Trainer? Of course! You don’t need a Personal Trainer when you can design your own workout programs to get the fitness results that you need, whatever they may be. You won’t need a Personal Trainer when you have incorporated fitness into your daily life, without thinking about it too much. It just becomes a part of your day and routine. Another way to know that you don’t need a Personal Trainer is your weight and body fat no longer fluctuate and you no longer need or want to go on crash diets or join short term fitness challenges. We may or may not need a Personal Trainer at different points in our lives as well. Even Personal Trainers hire Personal Trainers for ourselves. 

We may or may not need a personal trainer at different points in our lives. Even Personal Trainers hire Personal Trainers for ourselves. I hope that you got a better sense or idea of whether you need a Personal Trainer or not. I know we’re expensive but if you get an experienced, caring Personal Trainer it will be well worth the money. And if you don’t, that’s ok too. You can still exercise without one. you can go for walks or hikes or work in the garden, just don’t expect the same outcomes as you would with a Personal Trainer. Comment below if you agree or disagree and what has worked for you.

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